TL Martinson “Eye of the Tiger” Electric Bass Part 3

I decided to remove the frets and make this a fretless bass.  I also broke the nut because I filed it too far.

I got a new nut, but the placement looks bad (plays fine, so far, not that I really know what I’m doing). The fretwires popped right off. I filled the gaps with plastic cellulose wood filler and coated the whole neck with oil-based poly (leftover from floor installation). The shims under the nut were cut out of a milk jug. Only the best for this bass!

As of 2013: I’ve taken the bass out a couple of times (to the only place I play, church) and on the second trip, the electrical problems returned.  I haven’t made time to troubleshoot that yet.  When it works it’s a decent fretless toy.







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Posted in Music on Sep 29th, 2013, 11:05 pm by Dennis   

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