Building Arcade Controls for my PC Part 2 — Parts

My keyboard encoder is the Hagstrom KE72-T. It offers 72 “ghost proof” inputs and an interface that converts trackball signals into PS/2 mouse signals. It also offers keyboard pass-through and easy programming. The guys at Hagstrom are pretty helpful as well. They are starting production of the “IOX36″ terminal blocks for the KE72 and threw in one for free with my order; I liked it so much I ordered another one.


KE72T closeup


KE72-T with two IOX36 terminals

KE72T and IOX36

I got my joysticks and buttons from Bob. They are Happ pieces (Super joysticks with the black teardrop handles and horizontal microswitch buttons) but Bob sells them cheaper. I got my Happ trackball and red ball super joystick (Ms.Pac-Man/Galaga replacement) directly from Happ.

Buttons and microswitches

Buttons and microswitches

Happ Super Joysticks

Super joysticks

Happ 3″ Trackball

Happ 3in Trackball

Happ red ball joystick

Red ball mounting comparison


The remaining parts are various wires, cables, pieces of wood, screws, and so on.

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