MAME Arcade Cabinet Part 1 — Intro

Previously I built a set of arcade controls for playing arcade games on my PC. I intended to use them in front of a TV and so I hooked my PC up to the TV and stereo. I quickly realized this setup was uncomfortable on the floor and on the coffee table. Next I moved everything to a folding table and used a dedicated PC monitor and speakers. That worked, sort of like a disemboweled arcade machine on a table, but I still wanted an arcade cabinet.

Starting Point

I bought a cabinet in a local private sale. It was a “Space Firebird” by Sega/Gremlin. I’m not sure how many original parts it had when the previous owner acquired it, but once I got it, it only had the original marquee–so I didn’t feel too bad modifying it. The previous owner modified it to hold a Sony Playstation and a 19″ TV. He used arcade-style sticks for the Playstation and had several classic arcade games, swappable through the coin door. It was a neat setup but it wasn’t going to last long in my hands.

The first step was to remove the PS, TV, and associated mounts inside the cabinet. I was left with an empty cabinet riddled with screw holes.






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