MAME Arcade Cabinet Part 2 — PC and Controls

Fitting in the PC

Just after getting the cabinet, I found a used 21″ SVGA monitor to contribute to the project. I put a shelf in the cabinet–I think I just reused the one the previous owner used for the TV. The PC sits on a shelf in the cabinet while the power strip and subwoofer sit in the lowest compartment. The satellite speakers are just mounted on screws at the top of the monitor area–I could not fit them into the marquee area without interfering with the marquee light.



Adding the Controls

My first attempt at adding the controls was just to attach some plywood to the original control panel and rest the control boxes on it. This method put the controls too high to use comfortably and looked strange.



My second attempt to attach the control boxes was to attach a shelf low enough that the control boxes would be at the normal control panel height for the cabinet. Since this shelf blocked access to the coin door, I put it on a hinge. Finally, since the controls are heavy, I added “outriggers” to support the weight of the shelf and control boxes.



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