MAME Arcade Cabinet Part 5 — Wrap up

Future Work

  • Obviously I need to integrate the control boxes better, but I have no immediate plans to do so. I can’t decide if I want to keep the boxes and make them blend better, or just build a new control panel and transfer the parts…
  • I also want to figure out how to put the coin door back without restricting computer access.
  • Need to paint the speaker grilles black somehow.
  • Might add side art–still on the fence on that.


Used Arcade Cabinet                      $100
 - TV and PSOne est. street value        $-50
1 Quart Rustoleum Royal Blue Enamel        $8
1 Quart Rustoleum Gloss Black Enamel       $8
Brushes                                   $10
T-Molding, 40ft, 3/4" Yellow              $25
Marquee and Plexiglass                    $45
18" fluorescent bulb                       $5

Computer est. street value               $150
  P3 850, 120GB HD, 384MB RAM, GeForce2, 
  Voodoo2, SB AWE32, CD writer
Monitor                                   $40
Speakers                                  $50

Radio Shack 100K Dual-Ganged Stereo        $3
  Volume Control #271-1732
Radio Shack Volume Control Knob #274-424   $3
Wall plate for coax jack                   $2
2 6' Stereo miniplug male-male cables     $10

Decora power switch, black                 $3
Wall plate for Decora switch               $1
Electrical box for switch                  $2
6-outlet power strip                      $10
Replacement power cord                    $10
Electrical box for main power              $2
10' 14-gauge electrical wiring            $10

Total for the cabinet minus the control boxes: $447

Control boxes: $556 (I subtracted the cost of the router, which I have since used for many household projects)

Total: $1003

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Posted in Video Games on Oct 2nd, 2013, 11:34 pm by Dennis   

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